Launch Chapel Hill opens new office space, leads local startup boom

Conveniently located adjacent to UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus, Launch Chapel Hill has become the epicenter of the downtown’s growing startup movement. And it’s easy to see why. By giving Carolina’s most enterprising faculty and students immediate access to office space and entrepreneurial mentorship, the business accelerator has become the startup location of choice for local company founders based at UNC. What’s most attractive, however, is the program’s track record. Since 2013, startups at Launch have raised $20 million in funding and created more than 1,000 jobs, 250 of which are located in Orange County. Add to that $8 million in revenue earned by Launch companies, and it’s easy to see why UNC entrepreneurs are eager to join the Launch fold.

Who are the latest companies to come onboard, and why are they poised to continue the organization’s run of success? Read this feature article by ExitEvent to learn about the latest happenings at Launch and provides a rundown of each new company. From bringing cancer treatments to countries in need, helping high school students find jobs, and creating an Uber-like ridesharing service for kids, the latest cohort of Launch ventures approach entrepreneurship from diverse angles and are bringing ideas to market that are likely to bring further economic value to Chapel Hill.

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