Meet CUBE Cohort 6.0

CUBE was founded in 2012 to forward the Campus Y’s rich history of championing civil rights and social justice.

Since then, the accelerator has helped five cohorts launch more than 50 social ventures, including a mix of for-profit and nonprofit companies. Most recently, the Campus Y has worked with Innovate Carolina to further develop CUBE into a campus space where innovation and advocacy intersect. Read more about the mission of CUBE, how teams are selected and a brief description of the teams in the CUBE 2020-21 cohort announcement.

Learn more about the teams and their inspiration in the Q&A’s linked below.

Founded by Tyrell Carter

Ante uses data analytics to help small businesses increase efficiency and decrease costs. Founder Tyrell hopes Ante can make a difference for small business trying to survive during the Covid pandemic. Read founder Q&A.

Founded by Julie Vanderburg

BHSSP is a telehealth service designed to provide consultation, coaching and support to parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities located in rural areas. Read founder Q&A.

Founded by Eric Sheirer

Emergi (rhymes with “energy”) is a platform that allows individuals to collectively invest in impactful projects that provide sustainable benefits. Through Emergi, anyone can take climate action by going carbon neutral for five dollars per month. Read founder Q&A.

Founded by Savannah Bradley

A digital platform by (and for) young creatives with news on culture, music, fashion, film, sexuality and politics to create meaningful media by and for Generation Z. Read founder Q&A.

Founded by Sherrod Crum, Karen Calderon and Ajani Mcintosh

In-person and virtual services aimed at tackling the issue of access to high quality college and scholarship application resources for underserved students within the United States. Read founder Q&A.

Founded by Nga Thi Thanh Nguyen, Alison Marie Schaefer, Andres Tello, Andrew Prince and Dina Nailevna Yamaleyeva

A monitoring device that uses facial tracking software to capture lip movement, which is translated into audio or visual feedback. LiRA aims to tackle aphonia (voicelessness). Read founder Q&A.

Founded by Snigdha Peddireddy and Gretchen Mason

A mobile platform for social support and accessible health information designed to increase connectedness and restore agency to individuals with chronic disease. Read founder Q&A.

Founded by Aneesha Tucker and Joy Aikens

A hidden app that educates, supports and empowers people experiencing domestic violence and intimate partner violence with an emphasis on accessibility and intersectionality. Read founder Q&A.

Founded by Rida Bayraktar

An initiative that creates educational materials and environments for K-5 girls to explore science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and math. Read founder Q&A.

Founded by Amrutha Nandam

An online educational program to teach children about special needs as well as the harmful effects of bullying on mental health and self-esteem. Watch founder video.

Founded by Charity Lackey

A nonprofit organization that facilitates safe spaces for young, black adults to discuss philosophies and approaches to living well. Read founder Q&A.