Entrepreneurial students team up to promote growth in the Research Triangle region

UNC-Chapel Hill, NC Central, NC State and Duke, while usually at odds on the field or the court, now come together annually for the student-run Let’s Innovate North Carolina Conference (LiNC) program.

By bringing students from these universities together, LiNC provides pollination grounds for innovative and entrepreneurial ideas. In April 2017, with funding from the Innovate Carolina Dreamers-Who-Do Program, the LiNC student team from Carolina was able to hold another successful conference. Attendees learned by participating in a financial literacy workshop with a representative from Wells Fargo and hearing from speakers, such as:

John Austin (Director of Groundworks Labs)

Lizzy Hazeltine (Director of New Market Engagement at Shoeboxed)

Brent Comstock (BA ’17)

A Special Thanks from a Student

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with this program. The [LiNC] program is designed around supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystems by building a network and community of these innovators at these four campuses. We worked to make each other aware of resources at the different campuses and in the Triangle — all done through mentorship, fundraising, financing, workshops, incubators and more. We just want to give a special thank you to Jonathan Robertson and his gift for making this event possible and we look forward to see how it expands in the future!”

Shawn Peterson (BA ’17)