2020 Chancellor's
Faculty Innovation Workshop

Summer + Fall Series

An innovation masterclass for faculty innovators

Join us at the 12th-annual Chancellor’s Faculty Innovation Workshop hosted by Innovate Carolina. This invitation-only event is open to a select group of UNC-Chapel Hill faculty who receive a nomination from their dean and an invitation from Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz. Congratulations on joining the distinguished group of nearly 300 faculty leaders who have graduated from this workshop since 2009. Over the past decade, the workshop has given Carolina’s most entrepreneurial researchers and teachers the chance to develop new skills that help them turn their ideas into solutions that make an impact. Many of these workshop alumni have used the knowledge and skills gained to accelerate innovation projects and launch new centers, nonprofits and startup ventures.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset—Maximizing Faculty Impact

This workshop helps faculty strengthen the skills used by successful innovators. Using design-thinking and lean startup methodologies, the workshop builds and strengthens skills in ideation, problem-solving, team building, and entrepreneurial practices that can help faculty take an idea through to successful implementation and impact. Participating faculty are guided by design and entrepreneurship educators who encourage and support thinking and working in nimble ways to address the demands of a constantly changing world.

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Special Note: We are currently exploring options to hold a two-day, retreat-style workshop in fall 2020. During the summer, you can participate in a series of four new online workshops that preview the design thinking principles and methodologies that will be covered in depth during the fall session. You will be able to work on a project or idea for the duration of the workshop series. 


Summer series agenda

Monday, June 8

Designing teams and cultivating creativity virtually

Wednesday, June 10

Understanding users amidst social distancing

Monday, June 15

The art and science of brainstorming

Wednesday, June 17

Testing and prototyping your ideas

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey

Learn the tools and techniques to evaluate, develop and implement ideas:

>> Ideation
>> Problem solving
>> Team building
>> Entrepreneurial practice

How will you put your ideas to use for the public good?

Invent clean energy solutions
Spark economic growth
Prepare our students
Feed seven billion people
Aid the thirsty
Make a technological breakthrough
Develop better medicines
Make healthier outcomes possible
Replace conflict with understanding
Inspire through art
Reduce poverty and homelessness
Prevent disease outbreaks


Summer 2020: Online Workshops
Fall 2020: Workshop Retreat


Fall 2020 Location TBD