Together. Innovate for all.


As one of the top global research universities, Carolina is – both figuratively and literally – a laboratory and incubator of ideas. It’s a place where dreamers come to study, research, think, analyze and test assumptions. Our students and faculty are aspirational thinkers and optimists. They look at the problems of today and envision the solutions of tomorrow.

But great knowledge carries great responsibility. We ask ourselves: How can UNC-Chapel Hill put its knowledge and aspirations to work? How can we find practical solutions to the world’s biggest problems? What will it take to find the next breakthrough? Deliver cutting-edge treatments? Cure diseases? Feed the hungry? Accelerate clean energy? And fuel the economy?

In an uncertain world with many questions, we are certain of this: we won’t find the answers needed to solve our most pressing challenges by doing what we’ve always done. We must innovate. At Carolina, we believe that we innovate better when we innovate together. After all, finding solutions to daunting challenges requires more answers than one mind can conjure.

That’s why we created the Innovate Carolina Network, an alliance of more than 200 university faculty, staff and student leaders who collaborate to strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial environment – both on and off campus. Led by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Innovate Carolina provides faculty, students and alumni the knowledge, resources and tools to multiply the impact of their ideas.


Why give to Innovate Carolina?
Innovate Carolina represents an opportunity to invest and make a profound difference in the way innovation and entrepreneurship drives progress across the entire University. We’re not confined to one school, department or program. Or a small group of faculty students or staff. Innovate Carolina is comprehensive. It amplifies the ideas, experiences and talents of innovators from across the entire Carolina community.

We serve Carolina innovators and entrepreneurs by providing access to resources that help them:

  • Learn and apply the latest entrepreneurial skills and techniques.
  • Partner with other innovators.
  • Collaborate across different areas of knowledge and research.
  • Create novel fusions between distinct ideas.
  • Uncover new funding opportunities.
  • Build partnerships with industry leaders.
  • Tap into efficiencies of talent, costs and space.
  • Simplify and streamline their go-to-market journey.


With your support, we can continue to make Carolina a place where our inventive dreamers become practical doers who use their entrepreneurial spirit as a force for good. We are preparing the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. But the world’s problems will not wait. Together, we can put important ideas into action today. The next answer, step forward and breakthrough are ours to discover. Together. Innovate for all.

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