Presentations & Exhibits

Explore and learn about the teams of faculty, students, alumni and local business leaders that were selected to participate in the showcase through presentations and exhibits. These innovators are working on startup ventures and inventive projects that are making a human, social and economic impact in the local community, across North Carolina and around the world. From advances in life sciences, environmental initiatives and human health to emerging technologies, educational innovations and critical social social causes, the progress made by these teams on solving a wide range of challenges is inspirational and promising.

Note: the presenter/exhibitors listed below for 2020 were selected to present at the annual showcase event prior to its cancellation due to coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. We encourage the University community to explore the profiles of these teams and ventures.

2020 Presentations & Exhibits

Human Health

CARD Program

Uses an innovative partnership with Walmart to bring an incentivized, lifestyle management program to diabetics in rural communities

Couplet Care

Facilitating safer and more convenient mother-newborn rooming-in by developing a new infant bassinet


A product that improves professional team interactions by shuffling participants into randomized combinations for casual meetings


Improving cancer treatment in low-to-middle-income countries similar to modern treatment technology, but at less than 10 percent of the cost

EXO Technologies

A smart textiles company that innovates in fiber science by developing products that integrate biometrics and smart textile tech to alleviate pain


A high fidelity, real-time lip-reading-to-computer spoken speech device for alleviating the burden of patients with aphonia (inability to speak)

Mind Over Matter

The first system that aggregates all of the UNC-Chapel Hill's mental health resources in one place


Mobile platform that provides social support and accessible health information to individuals with chronic diseases

Newman Carpenter

A public health creative agency that targets health behavior change through design-forward solutions


Empowering young people with obesity through themselves, their community and society


The only universal sanitization kiosk for all types of water bottles

Life Science


Harnessing advancements in the speed and scale of 3D printing technology for novel solutions in women’s health.

IMMvention Therapeutix

Improving the lives of patients with rare and prevalent auto-inflammatory diseases

Kalia Health

Improving women’s health in low-resource settings by designing an early preeclampsia detection strip


Expanding the patient pool for rare diseases by blocking pre-existing immunity to adeno-associated virus-based (AAV) vectors


Developing effective gene therapy products targeting the root causes of neuropathic monogenic diseases

Perotech Corporation

Developing X-ray detectors and imaging arrays that are more sensitive, affordable, flexible, compact and easy to use compared to existing products on the market


Building an AI knowledge engine that simplifies the complexity of raising a child with autism, while providing improved outcomes for the child and family

Triangle Biotechnology

Novel methods of sample processing and preparation for a wide range of applications, including next-generation sequencing, epigenetic assays and proteomics

Social, Environment and Education

The ABC's of School Re-entry

Meets the psychosocial and emotional needs of pediatric oncology patients as they re-enter the school system


Cheaply, but effectively automating the process of creating 3D video game assets and objects specific to user preferences


Guides the military community in life outside the uniform through upskilling and on-boarding to in-demand jobs

B3 Coffee

Pop-up coffee stand that helps people of all abilities form friendships, develop marketable skills and connect with the community

Democratizing Leadership

Creating the next generation of leadership resources for K-12 educators, enabling them to integrate leadership development into schools

down to the wire

Sustainable accessory company that makes earrings, rings and necklaces out of wire and vegetable ivory

Durham Volunteer Doulas

Provides affordable, accessible and high-quality doula care to those who could not otherwise afford it

Equiti Foods

A line of healthy frozen meals called Good Bowls that address food system inequities in America


An app and web-based platform that provides college-going resources to under-resourced high school students


Improving child health and well-being in Latin American with a tablet-based app for community health workers


Makes the operation of independent escape rooms easier with a unique booking software platform

Frank C. Church Foundation for Parkinson's Disease

Helps people living with Parkinson’s disease reset their lives and maintain the highest level of health and wellness possible

Free Your Ignorance

Uses hip-hop and the genre's theory, history and moral conscience to deliver a pioneering educational experience

Green Gears

Increases organizational and individual environmental literacy through the use of AR/VR and workshops


Eliminating food insecurity in North Carolina by combining an indoor aquaponics farm with a regional food hub

Hand Start

Provides access to handwashing anywhere on the go

Jump Ahead

Provides jump rope instruction and healthy, interactive snack activities to elementary school students

Moving Windmills Project

Increases organizational and individual environmental literacy through the use of AR/VR and workshops

MyOwn Communications

Expedites the transfer of patient health information through its provider-to-provider mobile application


Helps individuals achieve their goals by matching them with a success partner


Educates, motivates, empowers and inspires women and minorities in science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and math

Sandbar Oyster Company

Biodegradable hardscapes to better restore critical estuarine habitats, primarily oysters and tidal marsh plant communities

Small Steps

A cloth diaper service that helps families take small steps toward a safe, healthy planet for their children


Provides educators with tools to build the mental and emotional flexibility necessary to manage the challenges of teaching


Helps companies make environmentally informed travel plans through a web-based application


Offers college student-athletes a storytelling platform that shines a light on their human side

Wildweed Gardens

A seasonal seed-to-table delivery gardening service that helps people plant their own home food gardens


Provides high school families and students with a modern, convenient and fun way to go about the college admissions process

Tech and Consumer

Acta Solutions

Helps local governments extract better insights from constituent input faster and at a lower cost


A socially responsible microenterprise that offers beautiful, locally grown, organic arrangements as part of its flower farm and design studio

Career Insite

Uses VR to help companies educate student candidates about the right job before students visit their organizations


Enhances concession stand efficiency, improving the in-game experience for fans while investing in the community


A cloud-based fan intelligence platform that helps university athletic departments build new revenue streams

Keepsake Tales

Creating the most personalized children’s books in the world by transporting children into the stories


Drop-in, low-cost solutions that make raising plants accessible to all people, regardless of expertise


Provides designers with tools that simplify the creation of immersive VR/AR/MR experiences

NURV Fit Corporation

An activewear brand focused on getting chronically ill patients active, while reducing recovery times and illness-specific mortality rates

nXus Software

An online, bookable platform that helps business travelers find the most cost-efficient travel locations for small group meetings

Ozanam Strategic Insights

Collects data and analyzes consumer markets to catalyze business developmentin developing economies


Makes the shopping experience for cultural wear more accessible, becoming the go-to brand in the U.S. for South Asian clothing

Sparc Technologies

Connects people, businesses and religious institutions with those who need long-term parking


Makes real-time parking data more accessible to cities, parking vendors and wayfinding solutions by using proprietary IoT cameras and computer vision


Brings sustainable agriculture technology to India, where a lack of cold storage causes more than 40 percent of all produce to go to waste


A mobile safety application for college campuses that connects to Bluetooth wearable devices

White Rabbit Intel

Analyzes win-loss data and enriches it to learn causative selling patterns

2019 Presentations & Exhibits

Consumer and Tech

Cadre VR

Virtual reality media company specializing in 3D 180-degree and 360-degree video content

Trafficlight, Inc.

Activity-based social connection application that connects like-minded people who've crossed paths in the real world

Ozanam Strategic Insights

Creating unique profiles to help clients better understand and target customers in emerging markets

Everywhere Ad

A rideshare advertising platform for small businesses

City News Beat

A nationwide, local news network for connected television and smart TVs


A mobile app that connects users to the undiscovered world through a map of interesting places found by friends and people in the community

Visual Data Tools

Powerful, fast and affordable data analysis and visualization software that that allows researchers to focus on research instead of programming

Hyperspace Ventures

Designing, developing and investing in powerful digital products for startups and leading brands

Advanced Recruiting Intelligence

A CRM software built for college coaches to help them manage their recruits, current athletes, and any communication

Personalized Footwear

Technology that brings footwear to the next level, allowing for complete personalization

Athletic Face Mask and Headgear

Designed to better protect young athletes in contact sports from concussions and head trauma

On-the-Go Dual Flow Travel Mug

Makes it easier for consumers to drink both their hot and cold drinks from one device


Indian-inspired occasion wear that combines Indian culture with a Western twist


A marketplace for three-dimensional/interactive design options focused on the tradeshow industry


A product that helps those who want to conceptualize specific words and increase their attention span during educational readings

Education, Environment and Social

Kids Code

Making computer science more accessible to students in low-income communities and under-resourced schools


New strategies for seaweed cultivation to promote plastic substitutes, climate resilience and economic development

Fair Ed

Improves college access to low-income and otherwise deserving high school students

Musical Empowerment

Nurtures meaningful relationships between collegiate student mentors and children in under-served communities through free, one-on-one music lessons

Good Dog in a Box

Makes dog safety fun with reward-based dog training materials and curricula

Acta Solutions

A digital platform and helps municipalities engage citizens and increase participation in local government

Carolina Thrift

A community-oriented, sustainability initiative that reduces waste produced on campus during student move-out


A mobile, location-based educational software platform that facilitates context-based lessons in real time

Wonder Crate

A subscription box that contains books, games and activities to inspire kids with tales of true heroism

The Center for Urban and Regional Studies

Developing a web app to connect low-income families to affordable housing opportunities


Designing curriculum to help high school students pursue entrepreneurship, start a business and create something they're passionate about


A product that increases and enriches professional team interactions

Chapel Thrill Escapes

Creating UNC-Chapel Hill’s first permanent escape room that is designed, built and run by students


Providing employment opportunities for people in need to create handbags and other products out of recycled billboard vinyl


Designing stuffed animals and sleeves that can disguise and carrying medical devices, which may be frightening to pediatric patients

Life Science

Asystbio Laboratories

Specializing in the application of next-generation DNA sequencing for cancer genomics

Epigenos Biosciences, Inc.

Offering personalized epigenome-based therapeutics that use dCas9 technology to treat cancer at the root of gene misregulation


An innovative orthodontic system to solve challenges frequently encountered with esthetic orthodontic systems

Eldec Pharmaceuticals

Developing an effective anti-inflammatory therapeutic to treat chronic lung disease in cystic fibrosis patients


Developing novel synthetic materials for advanced biomedical devices through precise replication of tissue mechanics and enabling new mechanisms of drug delivery and implantation

Advanced Chemotherapy Technologies, Inc.

Developing implantable devices to infuse chemotherapy drugs directly into affected organs

Bedrock Therapeutics

Single-dose gene therapies for intra- and extra-ocular inflammation

Human Health

X-Squared Health

Developing the first low-cost, noninvasive, at-home test that detects the presence of Human Papillomavirus Virus (HPV)


A maneuverable pod that houses basic hygiene essentials and handwashing water


A retail health and wellness center that provides technology-enhanced, collaborative care on-demand, inside of independent community pharmacies


Aims to eliminate mosquito-borne illnesses by fostering innovation in mosquito control and education


Offering an augmented reality game called Adventure Squad that is designed for children who are hospitalized


Partnering with organizations in low- and middle-income countries to provide clubfoot treatment

MoyoMedical Technologies

Designing a point-of-care, early-detection test for preeclampsia

Health Smart Technologies

Helping the medically underserved find affordable health care services, medical screenings and preventative testing sites that are nearby

OASYS Health

Provide better care for patients and families affected by pediatric food allergies

Fleet Health

A natural-language powered, clinical documentation and workflow assistant for health care providers


Biobehavioral intervention to assist older adults and caregivers when they are discharged from skilled nursing facilities to home

Mind Over Matter

The first system that aggregates all of UNC-Chapel Hill's mental health resources in one place


A cutting-edge tool that provides access to the latest evidence-based clinical research information and therapy options for oncologic diseases in a fraction of the current time

2018 Presentations & Exhibits

AI Tracking Solutions

Proprietary neural networks that target automated analysis of 2D and 3D video data from particle tracking experiments

Aloha Social

A social network application that helps students connect face-to-face with one another on campus


The first 3D-printed intervaginal ring designed to treat women's health conditions

Athena's Compass

A game-based learning technology that improves how students learn chemistry

Au Pair, Oh Paris

Provides first-time visitors to Paris and current au pairs with the knowledge and support they need

Battleship Ventures

Systems that use muscle memory to train a person to become a world-class footballer

Brain VR

Combines electroencephalogram (EEG) data with virtual reality, allowing people to use their mind to control a video game in virtual reality

Chart My Match

A tennis statistics company that can instantly turn matches around due to artificial intelligence


Revolutionizing intercity travel in low- and middle-income countries by making timetables for buses, ferries and trains available over the Internet


A learning platform that is the fastest, most cost-effective way to learn coding and data analysis career skills

Cold Compression Therapy (Recova)

Self-service products that will encourage healing in people who experience knee, leg or ankle pain

Couplet Care Bassinet

A product to promote breastfeeding, enhance safety for infants, and reduce strain on new mothers and their healthcare providers

Darkroom Studios and Syllabye

An electronic syllabus platform for college students that lets them select their school, add a class schedule and keep track of their work


A kid-to-kid giving platform helping parents form habits of compassion and generosity in their little ones


The world’s first non-toxic jewelry company

Empower: Educate & Inspire

An educational program that guides young students through the process of finding their purpose and then acting on it


Provides personalized radiation cancer treatment in developing countries without spending millions of dollars


Improves college access for low-income and otherwise deserving high school students

Flowe & Co.

A sustainable surf clothing brand that raises awareness of environmentally damaging practices in the fashion industry

Good Bowls

Produces healthy frozen meals and increases access to healthy food in low income communities

Hyperspace Ventures

Designs, develops and invests in powerful digital products for startups and leading brands

Immvention Therapeutix

A novel platform technology designed to create products with innate immune modifying therapies

Lead for America

Recruits, trains and connects promising young leaders to strengthen America’s civic institutions through a two-year fellowship in local government


Streamlines the time-consuming process of hiring new employees


A web app that uses interactive study techniques to help health care students learn the drug information they need to know

MoyoMedical Technologies

A point-of-care early detection test that measures elevated levels of protein biomarkers that indicate preeclampsia

Nemen Solutions

Software that combines game design and sports to teach computational thinking skills in fun and engaging ways to children ages 9 to 12

Nest Cafe & Play

A community gathering space that is safe, comfortable and inviting to both parents and children

New Galaxy Records

Provides artist services like recording, mixing, editing, mastering, and distribution through projects are music oriented, not profit driven

nXhuman Virtual Patient

A technology platform for virtual patients that helps pharmacy students learn more quickly how to manage real-world patient care

The Phoenyx Project

Transforms used billboard vinyls into sleeping bags for the homeless population


Uses ocean farming and macroalgae cultivation to provide sustainable and nutritious animal feed for North Carolina livestock

PT Wired

A physical therapy software platform that increases clinic profitability by engaging patients more effectively during out-of-clinic rehab

Rate Your Dorms

An online platform that allows college students to read and review various aspects of the on-campus experience

Seal the Seaons

Uses IQF freezing to preserve local produce for sale in mainstream and natural grocery stores


An imaging platform on which to perform disease research in ways previously not possible

Symbology Clothing

An ethical fashion label that makes fair trade sexy, merging traditional textiles with modern designs

This and That Games

Creates innovative digital and tabletop games to engage students with a variety of subjects


Beacon technology and a mobile app that lets people find open parking spots in real time, and pay for those spots without leaving their vehicle

Watchdog Medical

A non-invasive gastrointestinal monitoring system for the early detection of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in premature infants