Buckley Public Service Scholars

The Buckley Public Service Scholars program (BPSS) provides a framework for Carolina undergraduate students committed to making a positive impact through service. The program requirements include one orientation session, 300 hours of public service, one serving learning course, four skills training, and one senior reflection project.

Robert E. Bryan Fellowship

The Bryan Fellowship in the APPLES Service-Learning program is designed for undergraduate student teams interested in creating social impact through the creation of an innovative project. Fellowship recipients enroll in a service-learning course on project management during the spring semester and receive up to $1,500.


APPLES is a student-led program that builds sustainable, service-learning partnerships among students, faculty and communities in North Carolina and beyond. APPLES programs include service-learning courses, alternative breaks in the fall, winter, and spring, internships, and the Bryan Fellowship.

Arts in Public Service Fellows

Arts in Public Service Fellows is a program that encourages students to enrich their communities through the arts. Fellows enroll in AMST 398, a service-learning course that involves at least 30 hours of service with an arts-based project in the community in addition to academic study.

Bonnner Leaders

The Bonner Leaders Program at UNC is part of a nationwide network of universities that provide service-based scholarships and leverage federal community service work-study funds to support intensive undergraduate community service and social justice activities.

Global Gap Year

The Global Gap Year Fellowship is a unique university-sponsored gap year program for students who would otherwise be unable to fund a gap year. The fellowship provides $7,500 to each student for use toward a gap year that is committed to service abroad.

Eve Carson Scholarship

The Eve Carson Scholarship champions scholars to write stories they wouldn’t otherwise be able to write. As the living legacy of former Student Body President Eve Carson, the scholarship fulfills the vision for a student-run merit scholarship she included in her platform.