Aerem Innovations

Presentation: AerFrame: Upgrade your Mask

Aerem Innovations is actively addressing the safety of healthcare workers and members of the community by providing simple yet effective personal protective devices. Our main technology is a mask frame designed to improve the comfort and fit of existing face masks by reducing the gaps between a user?s mask material and their face. The device is engineered to be reusable and worn with nearly any mask and has the added benefits of reducing glasses fog and irritation caused by ear loops. Mated with different masks, our frame can be a savings while improving comfort and maintaining safety.

Presenter: Devin Hubbard, teaching associate professor, UNC/NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, president and founder of Aerem Innovations; Nicole Wiley, prototype and design engineer at UNC FastTraCShead, and head of regulatory affairs and founder of Aerem Innovations