Presentation: Innovative 3D Printed Intravaginal Ring AnelleO-PRO: The First Single Administration of Progesterone for Infertility

AnelleO is harnessing advancements in the speed and scale of 3D printing technology for novel solutions in Women?s Health. Intravaginal rings (IVRs) offer a unique platform for sustained delivery of therapeutics ? a non-invasive, self-administered and retrievable platform that can deliver drugs over weeks or months. The design flexibility and cost-effective manufacturing of digital light synthesis 3D printing allows AnelleO to develop and manufacture IVRs specifically matched to the unique characteristics of the molecule and indication. AnelleO’s lead product is AnelleO PRO, a self-administered, non-invasive multi-week alternative to daily progesterone supplementation alongside Assisted Reproductive Technologies for women undergoing fertility treatment.

Presenter: Rahima Benhabbour, PhD, assistant professor, Joint UNC/NCSU Department of Biomedical Engineering; founder and director, AnelleO