Diane Pozefsky

Research Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, UNC Department of Computer Science

Diane Pozefsky is a research professor and director of undergraduate studies in the UNC Department of Computer Science. Her work at IBM transformed IBM’s networking technology to allow networks to change and adapt more easily. In the early 1990s, as corporations moved toward TCP/IP networks, Pozefsky developed the AnyNet technology, which broke the barriers between IBM’s proprietary technology (SNA) and TCP/IP, allowing programs designed for one type of network to work on the other and allowing users to build networks that employed either or both technologies. In the late 1990s, she changed her focus to building networks for the 1998 Nagano Olympics and the IBM Corporation. She was also active in supporting women at IBM and in the promotion of National Engineers Week.

Throughout her career, Pozdfsky has been an active author and inventor, publishing more than 25 papers and filing more than 20 patents. She received her bachelor’s degree from Brown University and her PhD from UNC-Chapel Hill. Her dissertation Building Efficient Pass-Oriented Attribute Grammar Evaluators was done under the supervision of Mehdi Jazayeri.