IMMvention Therapeutix, Inc.

IMMvention Therapeutix: Immune Interventions for Human Diseases

IMMvention Therapeutix, co-founded at UNC-Chapel Hill, by Dr. Jenny Ting who is preeminent scientific leader in fields of immunology, innate immunity and inflammasomes. IMMvention is focused on improving the lives of patients with rare and prevalent inflammatory diseases of huge unmet needs (such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Alzheimer?s etc.). The company is discovering and developing first-in-class novel disease modifying therapies that inhibit the inflammation caused by activation of multiple inflammasomes. Company?s first venture capital financing was in December 2020 from leading institutional firms, including Osage University Partners and Hatteras Venture Partners. Prior to its venture financing, IMMvention was funded by North Carolina Biotechnology Center, NIH SBIR grants/contracts, and Pharma collaborations.

Presenter: Anil Goyal, CEO, IMMvention Therapeutix