Office of Technology Commercialization

Michael Kline

Head of Outreach and Technology Development, UNC Office of Technology Commercialization

Michael Kline is the head of outreach and technology development in the UNC Office of Technology Commercialization. He joined OTC in 2015 and works with the team’s leadership in planning and administration of resources. He is also responsible for increasing the innovation capacity of faculty and staff through outreach, education and support of translational research.

Prior to joining UNC-Chapel Hill, he worked as a technology and business development manager in Mayo Clinic Ventures at Mayo Clinic, where he was responsible for identifying and evaluating novel technologies including diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, devices and IT solutions and facilitating their development and commercialization. He worked closely with intellectual property specialists and attorneys, licensing colleagues, research and clinical faculty, administration, industry, entrepreneurs and investors and used institutional resources, internal and external funding sources, and business networks to enhance the value of Mayo Clinic technologies and promote their translation into the marketplace. Before joining Mayo Clinic Ventures, he conducted translational research on the mechanisms of the hematologic malignancy multiple myeloma as an assistant professor of medicine in the Mayo Clinic Division of Hematology, examining the efficacy and properties of a number of new pharmaceutical agents in preclinical and ongoing clinical studies. Prior to working at Mayo Clinic, he was a scientist and manager of the HCV business unit of the diagnostic division of Abbott Laboratories, where he was responsible for the daily operations, manufacturing, testing, improvement and on-market support of diagnostic and blood screening HCV tests. He earned a PhD in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology from Northwestern University.