Presentation: World’s First UV-C Device for Cleaning Reusable Water Bottles in Less Than 60 Seconds

QUVI has created the world’s first device that can clean any reusable water bottle in under 60 seconds by using UV-C technology. It uses a proprietary mechanism to detect the height and location of the bottle and directs powerful UV-C at the interior and exterior of the bottle. In addition to cleaning reusable water bottles, it can also sanitize other personal belongings like phones, keys, facemasks, glasses, and more. QUVI is safe and makes sanitizing easy and affordable. We want to make dirty water bottles a thing of the past.

Presenter: Kush Jain, UNC student and co-founder, QUVI; Harshul Makwana, UNC student and CEO, QUVI; Alekhya Majety, UNC student and CMO, QUVI