Interview with founder Tyrell Carter

Q & A

Tell us about the issue you want to tackle with your social venture.

I plan to help small businesses and entrepreneurs become more efficient, which is especially needed today as businesses have to drastically change their models due to COVID-19. My life purpose is to help other people live their dreams. The core of Ante is really about helping entrepreneurs live their dreams by making sure their businesses are operating the best they possibly can.

Why did you feel compelled to take on that issue?

When I was a student in high school, I worked at a tiki bar and I found that we would end up wasting a bunch of food and we’d have too many people on staff at the same time. So fast forward being a Carolina student. I was taking a data analytics class, and I asked the professor, “Is there a way we can help small businesses using what we’re learning in class?” She said yes, and that’s when Ante began.

What inspired you to launch your social venture through CUBE at the Campus Y?

I’d just started Ante when I heard about CUBE through my Adam’s Apprenticeship network. Since Ante’s mission is really to help entrepreneurs and try to make social change in the world, CUBE seemed like the right program to be a part of.

What do you hope to achieve during your CUBE residency?

I always aim to be the greatest entrepreneur I possibly can. I hope that CUBE will allow me to grow in that aspect and also grow Ante from the development phase into something that is financially viable and sustainable. My ultimate goal is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible.

What social impact do you hope to have with your venture?

As I am going through college, I’m aware that the job market is about to change because of increased automation and advanced technology, and I know mom and pop shops are at risk of being left behind. This has become way more evident as COVID-19 changes everything. 

I want to help businesses survive those transitions. The small mom and pop shops on Main Streets are the businesses that make up the majority of our economy and their owners are the people who make up the majority of the working class. Those are the people who need training and support in order to adapt to this changing economy. 

What motivates you to be a student entrepreneur?

I love entrepreneurship. I started my first business making bookmarks when I was in fifth grade. As a Business major with an entrepreneurship concentration, I’ve learned about the lean strategy method and I’ve been encouraged to “fail forward”. It’s easier to learn now while I’m still a student and I have so many resources available to me at Carolina.