• General Innovation Support

Innovate Carolina General Fund

As one of the top global research universities, Carolina is – both figuratively and literally – a laboratory and incubator…
  • General Innovation Support

Social Innovation at UNC

Innovation means more than developing the newest app, the latest technology or even robust revenue models. Carolina faculty, students and…
  • Faculty Support,
  • Student Support

Pathways to Impact™

Carolina faculty have knowledge that runs wide and deep: bio-medical research, social sciences, physical sciences, the arts and humanities, and…
  • Student Support

Dreamers-Who-Do Program

What’s the role of Carolina students: To dream or to do? When students arrive on campus in Chapel Hill, they…
  • Student Support

Tar Heel Alumni and Partner Alliance

Journalist and Carolina alumnus Charles Kuralt once famously wondered, “What is it that binds us to this place?” His question…
  • General Innovation Support

Idea Development Fund

Faculty and students at UNC-Chapel Hill live and breathe ideas. They are forward thinkers who constantly look ahead and ask,…
  • Innovation Spaces

Innovation-in-Action Spaces

A constellation of places where innovators can thrive Where do ideas live? At first, their footprint is tiny. They only…
  • Startup Support

Venture Acceleration Fund

When a UNC-Chapel Hill faculty member or a student decides to launch a commercial or social venture, they begin an…