Podcast: Making a bigger difference with big ideas

What are the secrets for scaling an idea with initial potential into a tangible solution that has broader social impact? In this episode, you’ll hear lessons learned from Lindsay Player, former co-president of social nonprofit Musical Empowerment, which pairs college students with children in underserved communities to provide free, one-on-one music lessons. Discover the key strategies that helped this organization expand from a single chapter at UNC-Chapel Hill into six thriving chapters at other universities in just four years. Then listen as Sha Chang, a Carolina professor who founded the health-driven venture EmpowerRT, discusses her passion for bringing modern, affordable cancer care to patients in developing countries around the world. During both interviews, you’ll uncover what sets many entrepreneurs apart in their ability to grow their ideas: developing essential skills, the role of mentors, the importance of communication and ongoing dedication, and a focus on pursuing key resources.  

This podcast is part of the On the Heels of Innovation podcast series.