Dreamers-Who-Do: Launching student ingenuity

dreamers who do
September 28, 2018
By Shellie

Innovate Carolina is checking in with the many I&E programs at UNC to help you identify resources that can help you on your innovation journey. This week, we take a look at the Dreamers-Who-Do Program. Find out how this program provides students with funding to help them pursue their ideas and work on projects that solve a problem or enhance innovation and entrepreneurship. The possibilities for projects are endless — and they can take place on campus, in a local community or on a global scale.

What is Dreamers-Who-Do, who does it serve and how can people get involved? Dreamers-Who-Do is meant to expand the minds and real-world experiences of Carolina student entrepreneurs. All students interested in innovation and entrepreneurship can get involved. They can apply by completing the form online.

What are the biggest benefits that people at UNC get by participating in the Dreamers-Who-Do Program? Students receive funding to further their innovation and entrepreneurial skill development. Innovate Carolina provides funding for students to travel to competitions and conferences. It also funds speakers who students would like to present on campus or conduct workshops. We only asks that the students come back and “pay it forward” by inspiring their peers to take action and pursue their dreams, too. 

Dreamers-Who-Do participants and Jonathan Robertson (center), the donor and driving force responsible for launching the program

How does Dreamers-Who-Do make a positive human, economic or social impact in the world – whether at UNC or beyond? Dreamers-Who-Do provides funding to allow students to take their ideas one step further – those ideas are the spark to economic and social impact. Through the funding, students advance their I&E learning experiences and are encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences with future program participants and the larger entrepreneurial community at Carolina. We hope the idea of learning and paying it forward will instill long-term positive effects on the UNC entrepreneurial community.

What’s something new about Dreamers-Who-Do, and what should people expect to see from it in the future? Dreamers-Who-Do will also support student I&E organizations as well as augment I&E internships by matching funds paid by the startup intern host site. 

What’s the most surprising thing people should know about Dreamers-Who-Do? Jonathan Robertson has been the donor and driving force responsible for launching the Dreamers-Who-Do program. He is a UNC alumnus who played football while he was a student in Chapel Hill. Through his gift, we have given approximately $60,000 in funding to 47 students over the last two years.

Can you share a success story of a UNC student or faculty member who participated in the Dreamers-Who-Do programIt’s hard to share just one story! A few that come to mind are Design for America, Feelin’ DNA and Maymester in Silicon Valley. Although each are different, they are all creating waves of positive change within the community. Please check out additional Dreamers-Who-Do success stories.

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