Funding Opportunity: Pinnacle Hill RFP Now Open

$65 Million in Targeted Funding for Drug Development Projects

The Pinnacle Hill  RFP opened on September 3rd and will close on October 8. If you haven’t visited the Pinnacle Hill RFP page already, now is the time to go online, create a profile and submit your Letter of Intent proposal.

As you are likely aware, Pinnacle Hill is the new company created through UNC-Chapel Hill’s partnership with Deerfield Management. The company has $65 million in targeted funding allocated for novel drug development projects.

Your Next Steps

Visit the Pinnacle Hill RFP page. Go online to sign up, create an online profile and get instant access key information:

–Detailed FAQs
–Application guidelines
–Application form

Key Insights

Which therapeutic areas will the RFP cover?
This RFP is directed toward any and all therapeutic areas that address unmet medical needs. It includes any type of drug treatment: small molecules, gene therapies, antibodies, proteins, peptides, exosomes, cells and other modalities. All delivery methods will be considered.  

What types of proposals will Pinnacle Hill look for?

Pinnacle Hill’s goal is to create transformational treatments for unmet medical needs. Reviewers will be interested in how your unique biological insights, therapeutic target identifications, and/or enabling tools can support the creation of novel future medicines.

What’s the process?
After thorough review of all Letters of Intent, Pinnacle Hill will invite selected investigators to submit full proposals in December 2019. Projects that successfully reach the IND-ready stage will be licensed to a new startup company or to a commercial development partner. Projects that are not successful will be returned to UNC-Chapel Hill with all data and IP generated by Pinnacle Hill for further development by the University and its investigators.  

We hope that you will consider submitting a proposal and encourage you to visit the Pinnacle Hill website for the latest information.

Pinnacle Hill, UNC Joint Steering Committee:

Terry Magnuson, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Research, UNC Chapel Hill
Sarah Graham Kenan Professor of Genetics

Dhiren R. Thakker, Ph.D.
Interim Dean, UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Interim Director, Eshelman Institute for Innovation

Blossom Damania, Ph.D.
Vice Dean for Research, UNC School of Medicine
Boshamer Distinguished Professor of Microbiology and Immunology