Podcast: The entrepreneurial outliers

How Venture for America finds young college grads with uncommon traits to build companies and communities across the country

Featuring Amy Nelson, CEO of Venture for America

What motivates young, just-out-of-college entrepreneurial enthusiasts to go to work at startups and test their limits in Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis and other cities that struggle to attract entrepreneurial talent? As Amy Nelson, CEO of Venture of America (VFA) describes, it’s the grit, optimism and integrity of this unusual breed of students that put them on the course to make an impact. But what happens when the life formulas that these students have always relied on – following the syllabus, making good grades and building resumes – don’t translate to the startup world? Nelson shares what it’s like to be part of a new generation of entrepreneurs who work with VFA to live and learn the startup life at real companies, while absorbing lessons they’ll eventually use build businesses of their own. Discover how this special, interconnected community of college grads sets out on two-year treks filled with pragmatism and positivity to push American entrepreneurship – and cities around the country – back to the top. 


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