Two new maker courses offered for spring 2018

The University creates opportunities to foster innovation and entrepreneurship through high-tech makerspaces. And now, two new courses in making are available for spring 2018.

  • Intro to Design and Making: Developing Your Personal Design Potential, APPL 490, section 010
    Design thinking is a popular buzz term in this age of Kickstarter, instant turnaround, and short time-to-market. But what is design thinking really all about? In many ways, it is a process that most of us were quite familiar with in our preschool years. Observe an opportunity. Take an action. Assess the results. Laugh at the failures. Repeat. Design is not just for artists and engineers – we are all designers! But how do we get back to that pure form of design thought? In this class, students explore design through active making, discussion, presentation and self-evalutation.