Ask your innovation question. Anytime, anywhere.

An online platform that gives you a quick, simple way to get answers about your idea or venture

If you’re working on an innovation, entrepreneurial project or a new venture, you’re bound to have questions — and lots of them. Now there’s a quick, easy way for you to get expert advice from a network of experienced innovators whenever a question pops to mind.

Visit Ask an Innovator, a simple, yet powerful online platform that’s powered by Innovate Carolina and created in partnership with The Entrepreneurship Center at Kenan-Flagler Business School. This digital tool makes it easy for you to send your questions to our community of innovators who are ready to assist. It’s free and available for you to use at your convenience.

You can take your idea further, faster with the help of experienced innovators and entrepreneurs in our community. So, we partnered with Protopia, a leading SaaS company based in the Triangle and founded by a Tar Heel, to launch Ask an Innovator. Now, you can ask questions instantly and know that you’ll get advice from Carolina-connected experts.

How it works: You ask. Experts answer.

When you have a question:

Visit the Ask an Innovator website.
● Click on the “Ask a Question Now” button.
● Complete an easy, short form with your question.
● Wait for a response to your question. The system will keep working until a great response is provided by a knowledgeable innovator — via an email, phone call, meeting, video call, etc.

*Tip: Add to your email contacts so you won’t miss any responses

For entrepreneurial experts who want to help

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to support and connect with some of the most enterprising minds at Carolina, Ask an Innovator is a great way to get started. this online platform connects you with students and other UNC I&E community members who have questions about their ideas and ventures and can benefit from your expertise. By participating, you become one of our network advisors and can help Tar Heels right from your email. 

Once one of our Tar Heels submits a question via Ask an Innovator, the online tool will automatically analyze the question and send an email directly to the inboxes of the best matched experts in our community.

● What happens when you receive an email with a question? You can choose the most convenient way to provide your thoughts — an email back, a phone call, a meeting, a video call, etc.

● Too busy to respond when you receive a question? No problem. Just let us know by selecting “Pass” in the email, and we’ll send the question on to another member.

● What if you don’t receive a question right away? No worries. Ask an Innovator constantly analyzes submitted questions. Once a match is made with you, a question will come your way — whether that’s in two days or two months.

*Tip: Add to your email contacts so that you don’t miss any questions. You can always email us at the same address with any inquiries of your own

Want to learn more?

If you have any questions about how you can get involved with Ask an Innovator, email us at Thank you for participating and for being a valued member of our UNC innovation and entrepreneurship community.