A conference for big ideas, dreamers, innovators and creatives

TEDxUNC is the largest student-led TEDx event in the nation. The group was started in 2012 by the Innovate Carolina Student Leadership and has been supported by the Office of Innovate Carolina since its launch. For the past five years, it brought ideas worth spreading and inspired the University’s community to think creatively about addressing some of humanity’s fundamental concerns. A local extension of the TEDx program, TEDxUNC is an independently organized annual conference run entirely by students.

This year’s conference, TEDxUNC Home, marks the sixth annual conference. Completely led by students at the University, this long-standing event on campus is dedicated to helping the innovation and entrepreneurship environment in the community thrive by spreading ideas.






Last year, TEDxUNC explored the theme Bodies: Being Human, which focused on issues affecting the human body—mentally, physically and spiritually. In previous years, themes of TEDxUNC included Assembly Required, on the tools available to us to take action; Taking Flight, which focused on understanding the power of failure and how ideas gain momentum; Common Threads, which focused on generating new ideas by connecting existing resources; and Global Initiative, which focused on interdisciplinary solutions to global problems. 

To date, TEDxUNC has drawn more than 1,000 attendees per year, engaged more than 50 speakers from around the world, and reached many more through livestreaming the conferences.

TEDxUNC is a conference for big ideas: for the dreamers, for the innovators, and for the creatives. We hope to inspire UNC and the greater Chapel Hill community to think and discuss these ideas through a TED-style conference. TEDxUNC is held every February in Memorial Hall, and we hope to see you at the next one!