Podcast: Gumption and Goals: Breakthrough Insights on Women Entrepreneurs

With New York Times Best-selling author, entrepreneur and innovation consultant Diana Kander

What makes successful women entrepreneurs tick? And what unique challenges do they face? Author and entrepreneur Diana Kander suggests that one helpful way for us to think about women entrepreneurs – and entrepreneurs in general – is as people who set and reach extreme goals. Yet for many women, why is one of the hardest things to do setting goals in the first place? How do their relationships influence the way they pursue professional goals and ambitions? And when women fail, are they more or less likely than men to try again? Kander delves into these insights about entrepreneurial gumption and other issues that she’s uncovered while building her own ventures, consulting with corporate clients and writing her acclaimed books All In Startup and The Curiosity Muscle. From discussing what it takes for startups to launch disruptive products to exploring why more established companies peak, lose their curiosity and forfeit their relevance with customers, Kander offers perspectives that women entrepreneurs – and anyone with an idea to build upon – will find both enlightening and useful.

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