Well-Aware: Mobile App for Safe Private Well Drinking Water

Well-Aware: A Free Mobile Application to Help Private Well Users Keep Their Drinking Water Safe

Over 10 million US households have private wells, which are vulnerable to contamination by lead, pathogens, and other pollutants. Lead causes cognitive and developmental impairment in children, while pathogens can cause serious illness and stunting. Unlike piped water, private wells are not regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act, so well users must test and manage their water quality. Many don?t know how to get their water tested, and tests cost $100 or more in some counties. Well-Aware is a mobile app and low-cost kit enabling users to test water quality, interpret results, and access local resources to resolve issues.

Presenter: Michael Fisher, assistant professor, Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Gillings School of Global Public Health; William Rohe, assistant professor, Department of City and Regional Planning